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Monitor  Out of Home Advertising Campaign Online

Helloooh’s Outdoor Media Online Monitoring Technology will tap Data from Several Billboards from Different places to Determine what kinds of advertisements will be displayed on a Outdoor Media.

Our technology not only monitoring Outdoor Media Campaign Displays and also driving us to tracking management it will also support dozens of unique alerts , (INTELLIGENT OOH MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) raise system faults, but human errors as well. Should an issue arise, technicians are armed with the knowledge to address the problem quickly and accurately.

Geographically distributed outdoor assets makes it very tough to have a clear picture of campaigns leading to operational wastages, revenue losses and difficult audit process.

hello ooh monitoring

Our Intelligent OOH technology helps with:

 3rd Party Certification of Advertising Campaigns? Removes ambiguity

 Minimize downtime along with reduction of management overheads

 Entire outdoor assets on fingertips with real time dashboards and mobile apps

 Accurately monetize outdoor assets using data like traffic volume, size, height combined together as? Billboard Rating Points?

Hello OOH

Main Features of Intelligent OOH technology:

 Scheduled and on-demand images of billboard on your mobile phone

 12+ hours of battery back up with an option for solar charging for non lightning Boards

 Geo tagged and time-stamped images that can be shared to stakeholders

 Single dashboard gives all relevant information of assets making managing them a breeze

– Equipped with Image Analytics to review real time images from billboards to raise smart notifications like light not working, damage to vinyl, etc

 Extendable to remotely change schedules of LED lights operation based on season /occupation / etc

 Easily integrated with other IT systems of your company to seamlessly exchange information for comprehensive management

– Video analytics based traffic volume analysis to get accurate information to help right monetization