Helloooh Technology Changed the Face of India vs Bangladesh International Cricket Outdoor Campaign

Hello ooh  Changed the Face of Out Of Home (OOH) Industry

India vs Bangladesh International Cricket Innovative Outdoor Advertising Campaign BY Mera Hoardings (a Group of  Helloooh.LLC)

The word revolution is a bit tired these days, but it’s fair to say that the possibilities explored by Mera Hoardings OOH advertising online booking systems are far-reaching.

Indian Outdoor Advertising AD-Space online booking platform Merahoardings.com Launched in December 2015, from the day started every step It’s have a growth in all aspects, and Today, Mera Hoardings is the India’s first  Out of home Advertising ooh online Market Place, with Operations in 20 states that the widest assortment of 5000+ Billboards/Hoardings across 1000+ diverse vendors from number of Locations, Towns, and States. It’s an Indian Great Startup for outdoor advertising industry, has launched the world’s first Outdoor AD-Space mobile booking through the app, compatible with Android and I Phone Operating System (IOS) mobile devices.


Mera Hoardings currently executes National Outdoor media Partners for Premier Badminton League (PBL) and Pro Kabaddi well-known sports in India. Cricket is the most famous sport in India; The Indian national team is currently ranked the No. 1 team in all formats of international cricket, Bangladesh Tour of India to play their first Test match in the country. Mera Hoardings had done Most Innovative Outdoor Campaign with the tag lines and introduce new Innovative “Hello oOH” technology with this Outdoor Campaign.

Hello ooh

Taglines and Color Combinations have takes major role in outdoor advertising  As a Part of Creative campaign Mera Hoarding’s “We Can’t Fix Score Board But We’ll Fix Billboards” Tags to all oOH Media Communications.

Hello ooh

This Caption will reflect our new “Hello oOH” technology which will intended to IND vs BAN Campaign. Our innovative technology will be debuting a new kind of AD-Space Buyer-tracking system and reach ability analytics called “Hello ooH”. Following in the footsteps of targeted advertisements seen on the Website and Mobile APP, Hello ooh will tap into data from several partner companies to determine what kinds of advertisements will be displayed on a billboard screen. Just as importantly, the system will also track how many vehicles are passed from the billboards and how many impressions have gained with the passing crowds and Vehicles count analytics (i.e 200cars, 500 trucks) Ad-Space Buyer 24/7 lively get reports of analytics on Demand.

Hello ooh

Mera Hoarding’s Campaign Monitoring and Reachability Analytics Cloud based Online “Hello OOH” Technology Tested with Ind Vs Ban Campaign, Campaign Monitoring technology will display live from the billboards or all other OOH Media formats. This will be generating live campaign photos, videos and campaign reaching Analytics including of date time and Geo location stamping.

Helloooh Technology

We want to break the nature of current outdoor advertising industry environment for clients on all sides of the business. Our New HellooOH” technology will be new to Out of Home Advertising (OOH) Industry, IND vs BAN International Cricket Campaign is a greatest milestone in our career path.– said

  • CEO & Founder Saikrishna Gajavelly (MBA, Ph.D.)

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